Feeding pumps for XXL 3D printing

Melt pump large sized 3D printers

3D printing is one of the most innovative technologies currently available on the market. The possibilities offered by this process are more diverse than ever before. In addition to devices for home use and for small components, there are now a large number of suppliers who offer 3D printers for large-format, industrial productions. Here, high quality and precise surfaces are essential. Only with extruders are these properties difficult to achieve. Pulsation or lack of pressure in the melt stream are often the limiting factors when it comes to large-area prints. The time and duration of printing also play a decisive role.

High flexiblility in material handling

A wide variety of materials can be used for 3D printing. Many applications take advantage of the good properties of different plastics. Filament or polymer melt from plastics such as ABS, PLA, etc. is used. The process of 3D printing is very similar to extrusion. To meet the high requirements, we have designed our EXTRU series. It impresses with its compact design, light weight, high repeatability and absolute precision. With a dead weight of only 5 kg, it is also suitable for direct mounting on the print head.



Achieving good printing results of the highest quality depends on the right components. Melt pumps of the EXTRU series are precisely matched to the printer, the material and the desired product quality and harmonize optimally with the upstream extruder.

  •     Pulsation-free conveying of the melt
  •     Constant pressure ratios
  •     Low additional heat input
  •     Increase in product quality
  •     Good price/performance ratio
  •     Robust, compact, flexible
  •     Low weight
  •     Throughputs between 1 and 5 kg / hr

Example 3D Melt Pump Printer

  • Carrier plate
  • Nozzle
  • Melt pump
  • Feeding container/extruder

  • Carrier plate

    The carrier plate is tempered and serves as the basis for the object to be printed. The melt is applied to the carrier plate in a layering process, thus gradually creating the desired object.

  • Nozzle

    The nozzle applies the melt to the carrier plate. Due to the tapered diameter, a constant pressure is generated by the upstream melt pump.

  • Melt pump

    Melt pumps of the EXTRU series are gear pumps specially developed for extrusion, which can be brought to a constant temperature level by means of electrical heating cartridges. The pump conveys the melt from the feed hopper to the pressure nozzle through which the melt is then applied to the carrier plate.

  • Feeding container/extruderFeeding-Behälter/Extruder

    The liquid melt is held in the feeding tank. The melt pump then conveys the liquid melt to the mold or die. It is important that the container is always filled so that no air and thus no bubbles or fluctuations occur in the product flow. To ensure that the viscosity of the melt does not change, the container is heated, as are the pump and the nozzle. This ensures a constant temperature level for the entire print head.

EXTRU pump for extrusion

3D Printing Melt Pumps

In industrial, large-format 3D printing, it is important that the molten material reaches the print head or nozzle with constant pressure and constant flow rate. The nozzle applies the molten material to the carrier plate. The printed product is then created on this. For these applications and processes, WITTE manufactures melt pumps that can be installed directly in front of the nozzle on the print head and thus ensure a constant flow of the melted material.

Operating parameters

Up to 40.000.000 mPas
Up to 400 °C
Suction pressure
Up to 120 bar
Differential pressure
Up to 250 bar Special versions also for higher differential pressures
from 0,16cm³/U

Technical Parameter

1.6582,stainless steel 1.4313 / 1.4571
1.2344, alternative 1.4112 (+coatings)
Friction bearings
1.2379, alternative NiAg / Alu-Bronze