Accessories for gear pumps

Accessories & Service

As a manufacturer of gear pumps, WITTE also offers a comprehensive package of accessories dealing with the operation and use of gear pumps. Whether drive technology, maintenance or monitoring: On request, we can put together your individual package for immediate use.

Base frame

Pump aggregates consisting of pumps, drives and frequency converters are often installed on base frames. The modular construction makes it possible to quickly and easily remove the complete base frame - therefore the entire aggregate - from the process environment. The repair, maintenance and commissioning is significantly simplified and accelerated through this.

Drive shafts

In particular drive shafts are used if a large radial offsetting must be compensated for, for example, because the position of the pump is changed through the plant heating up.

Buffer fluid systems

Depending on the process of the seal type being used, it may be necessary to use a buffer fluid system to seal the shaft. WITTE offers both static and dynamic buffer fluid system. The systems reliably seal the shaft and guarantee that the pumps do not leak.

More information about our buffer fluid systems can be found here

Frequency converter

WITTE offers another optional accessory: frequency converters designed exactly for the motor and the remaining peripheries.

Drive technology

We have a worldwide network of suppliers as an internationally active company. This allows us to easily handle local requirements in the design of motors and to implement these according to the customer’s requests.

Seal technology

A wide range of seal variations are available for WITTE pumps. These can be used flexibly depending on the needs and applications. Combinations of different variations are also possible. Seals from other manufacturers can be used for special applications and requirements.

You can find an overview of our seals here

Flow meter

With the aid of flow meters, either the volume flow or the mass flow can be determined for fluids. The flow meter is adjusted corresponding to the gear pump and application. The use of brand name manufacturers ensures the highest precision and certification for their areas of use.



Pressure sensors deliver information about the pressure conditions in the pump and the process. The pressure can be regulated correspondingly should there be fluctuations.


Temperature sensors can be used at different positions to monitor the temperature of the medium. The sensors monitor the process and provide information about the temperature of the pump and the additional heat input through friction, for example.


The coupling ensures the safe transfer of power to the pump. We only use couplings from renowned manufacturers. We offer different variations dependent on the process.