the WITTE replacement solution for your Hermetic gear pumps

100% Compatible with the original

We offer broad expertise in the field of gear pumps and are therefore the ideal partner when it comes to replacing your old Hermetic LZ gear pumps. Hermetic has discontinued this series, although a large number of pumps are still in active operation. However, this is no reason for you as a customer to worry. WITTE offers exact replicas for easy replacement. We supply you with the complete pump including coupling connection with identical dimensions. This is a double advantage for our customers, because the system does not have to be extensively rebuilt and the core components come from the established WITTE modular system.

The usual high availability of spare parts is thus also ensured for these pumps at all times. Furthermore, it is also possible to upgrade the pumps by using other materials from our portfolio. This may be necessary if requirements have changed over time or the performance of the pump is not optimal.

This saves money and time. We guarantee maximum service life and accuracy of fit for the CHEM-LZ. On request, however, we can also equip your plant with the chemical pumps of the WITTE CHEM series. Just as you wish.

Hermetic LZ becomes WITTE CHEM-LZ

Due to our many years of experience, we are the right partner when it comes to replacing the discontinued Hermetic LZ series, one-to-one. Your advantage, you can choose between two series, the WITTE own CHEM series or the WITTE CHEM-LZ replacement solution.

Technical parameters

Housing and cover
1.4571 - others on request
1.4112 - others on request
Shaft seal
Single or double mechanical seal, optional stuffing box
Friction bearing
Carbon, SiC, ZrO2, NiAg, Alu-Bronze

Operating parameters

Flow rate [m³/h]
0.05 bis 120
Differential pressure [bar]
25 / 40
Viscosity [mPas]:
0.3 to 5.000.000
Temperature [°C]
-20 to 200 °C
Pressure levels
25 / 40
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One to one replacement of your Hermetic LZ gear pump

Simply fill out the form below and you will receive your personal offer to replace your old Hermetic LZ gear pump within a very short time. In order to be able to offer you the suitable solution, we need:

- Type designation
- Seal type
- heating
- pressure stage
- the medium to be pumped
- ATEX information

You can easily enter this information in the following form.

Directly to the request


  • Seals
  • Gear shafts
  • Cover
  • Flange variants

  • Seals

    Like the conventional Hermetic LZ series, the CHEM-LZ can be designed with different seal variants. Among others

        single mechanical seal
        double mechanical seal

    are available.

  • Gear shafts

    The gear shafts come from the proven WITTE modular system. The main advantage of this design is that bearings are available if other WITTE gear pumps of the same size are installed in the system.

  • Cover

    The CHEM-LZ is equipped with two separate pump covers on the front and rear. This makes assembly and maintenance much easier.

  • Flange variants

    The CHEM-LZ is available in a wide range of sizes. Based on the Hermetic LZ sizes, the following models are currently available.

        CHEM-LZ 00
        CHEM-LZ 1
        CHEM-LZ 2
        CHEM-LZ 3
        CHEM-LZ 4
        CHEM-LZ 5

CHEM-LZ Austauschpumpe für Hermetic LZ

The sealing program


CHEM-LZ simple mechanical seal

We offer different mechanical seal variants as seals for the CHEM-LZ. The simple mechanical seal is precisely matched to the application area, viscosities and operating temperatures. This allows the CHEM-LZ to be operated safely and reliably even in demanding applications.


CHEM-LZ double mechanical seal

If the CHEM-LZ is designed with a double mechanical seal (DD), it can be used as a blocked version at viscosities up to max. 1,000 Pas. Moving parts of the GLRD do not come into contact with the conveyed product, but are lubricated by the sealing medium. The GLRD (DD) is operated at inlet pressures from vacuum up to max. 15 bar gauge pressure.