Fiber manufacturing - Fields of application for WITTE gear pumps

Gear pumps for use in the production of fibers

Chemical pump types are preferably used in fiber manufacturing processes as well due to their exact volumetric metering properties. The consistent output of the gear pumps is required to guarantee the fiber quality. The pulsation-free transport and constant transport flow as well as a variety of standard and special materials make this pump type so popular and successful.

We use our proven BOOSTER series to increase the pressure for spinning pumps.


Production of chemical fibres

Different types of pumps are required in the process of producing fibres. Man-made fibres are becoming increasingly popular, which means that the demands on them are constantly growing. Man-made fibres are made from polymers and are used in the textile industry, for example, to make clothing.

Man-made fibres are divided into three types:

  • Fibres made from natural polymers
  • Fibres from synthetic polymers
  • Inorganic synthetic fibres

The processes in which the synthetic fibres are produced by means of gear pumps are polymerisation, polyaddition and polycondensation. Usually fibres are produced by spinning processes. Here, too, a distinction is made between different processes.

Process example:

The melted polymer is brought to the required pressure level by a BOOSTER pump and then conveyed to so-called spinning pumps or spinnerets. The fiber is produced by forcing the melt through a fine nozzle. It then passes through further treatment stages to finally obtain the desired properties such as elongation or thickness. Different polymers and processes are used, depending on the manufacturing method - dry, wet or melt spinning.