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Core competency

We specialized in the plastics and chemical industries. For more than 30 years, our pumps have been used in many plastic manufacturing processes. We can offer a standard or individual solution for many conveyable media due to our wide portfolio of materials of construction and pump design. WITTE pumps are used wherever flowing media must be transported. The  viscosity range for pumps is between 0.5 mPas to 40,000,000 mPas.

Low or high viscous media

WITTE pumps are used in many processes. They are used, among other, in plants to produce polycarbonate or nylon, but also for the extrusion of foils, profiles, hoses or panels. The area of usage for low viscous media in the chemical industry is just as diverse. For example, isocyanate, formic acid, deionized water or flammable media.