Chemical Industry

Gear pumps for the chemical industry

Gear pumps are used in the chemical industry to transport and dose organic and inorganic chemicals. This deals with the overcoming of distances and pipe losses, the dosing of exact quantities or the increasing of pressure. The transported media often have properties that expose material and components coming into contact with the media to extreme challenges. Furthermore some chemical pumps types are often used in explosive areas, the so-called ex-zones in chemical plants.

Extreme caution, strict controls and the highest quality are required here. The disruption-free and secure operation can only be frequently realized through special materials and technological know-how. We offer a variety of solutions for the chemical industry and other industries.

To the chemical pumps program

Fields of application

  • Chemical pumps for isocyanate
  • Chemical pumps for lead melt
  • Chemical pumps for salt melt
  • Chemical pumps for deionized water
  • Chemical pumps for hydraulic liquids
  • Chemical pumps for formic acid
  • Chemical pumps for the transport of resins

WITTE Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Pumps are essential for the construction and operation of chemical plants. A wide variety of chemical pumps are used to convey and meter liquids, chemicals or oils.

WITTE supplies a wide range of pumps for the chemical industry, covering a variety of applications. WITTE gear pumps are particularly suitable for low-maintenance operation in chemical plants. Chemical pumps usually consist of only two moving parts, the gear wheels.

Especially in the chemical industry, it is essential to ensure maximum process reliability and plant availability. When designing our pumps, our engineers therefore always pay meticulous attention to avoiding risks and ensuring the safety of plants, people and the environment.