Extrusion [EXTRU] pumps for reducing pulsation

Efficient. Pulsation-free. Gentle.


ExtruCore AT

The new design for WITTE melt pumps

The technical revision ensures, on the one hand, lower stress on the bearings and thus a lower bearing temperature and, on the other hand, significantly improved volumetric efficiency. Shear and temperature stress on the polymer are thus significantly reduced and product quality increased.

Wear on core components such as friction bearings and gear shafts is reduced to a minimum.


  • Lower bearing temperature, thus less stress on the polymer
  • Minimized wear
  • Various materials available for bearings, shafts and housings
  • Optional terminal box for cartridge heaters
  • Increase in throughput for pumps with the same center distance
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Robust and flexible

The robust design and wear-resistant materials make the EXTRU indispensable for extrusion. It can also be used to transport natural rubber and soft PVC through different special designs.

The WITTE fast-changing color design is perfect for master batch applications with frequently changing colors.

Melt pumps for extrusion

The extrusion gear pump is mainly used in connection with extruders or kneaders. They lower the naturally existing pulsation and uneven transportation, particularly of single-screw extruders. The extrusion pump is also used as a melt pump. It takes over the establishment of the required transport pressure, which is needed for the downstream equipment.

Efficient pressure build-up

In the gear pump, the pressure build-up occur significantly more efficiently than in the extruder itself. The extruder is relieved through the use of an extrusion pump. Significantly less energy or heat is added to the polymer. The melt pump thereby contributes to the gentlest possible transportation. The EXTRU pump is indispensable for the production of precise foils or micro-granulate.

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Design examples for melt pumps [EXTRU]


Advantages at a glance

  • Electric heating
  • Cooled threaded shaft seal
  • Casing design
  • Drive shaft on both sides
  • Optimal herringbone gearing

  • Electric heating

    The casing can be heated electrically. A separate cover heating is also possible.

  • Cooled threaded shaft seal

    The threaded shaft seal can be equipped with a cooling unit to increase viscosity. A “bleeding bearing” variations is available for particularly sensitive media. The bearing lubrication flow is guided outwards so that any stressed material is not returned to the main flow.

  • Casing design

    The housing may be designed in different variations. A round and a square design are available as standards. But customized designs are also possible. A version for fast changing colors is optional as well.

  • Drive shaft on both sides

    To prevent the drive shaft of the pump being driven/pushed out of the casing with high pressure on the suction side (flow pressure of the extruder) the drive shaft must be relieved. It is guided out on both sides of the casing and sealed so that atmospheric pressure is present on both sides of the drive shaft. The shaft runs with relief.

  • Optimal herringbone gearing

    We offer a special gearing for the EXTRU melt pumps for particularly sensitive media. The herringbone gearing reduces the natural pulsation of the extruder and guarantees a constant melt flow.

 WITTE melt pum EXTRU III series


Technical data

Heat-resistant carbon steel, for example, 1.6582 · Stainless steel 1.4313 · optional with coating
Gear Shafts
Tool steel · Nitriding steel · Special steel · optional with coating · Helical gearing · Herringbone gearing (for transportation with very low pulsation)
Shaft seals
Threaded shaft seal · Stuffing box
Electric through heating cartridges · Cover heating optional
Friction bearing
Tool steel · NiAG (nickel-silver) · Aluminum bronze · Special materials · optional with coating

Operating parameters

Up to 40.000.000 mPas
Up to 400 °C
Suction pressure
Vacuum up to max. 120 bar
Transport pressure /differential pressure
Up to 250 bar. Special designs also for higher differential pressures
Pump sizes
From 4,7-22-22 (4,7 cm3/U – 10 kg/h) to 12.000-280-280 (12.000 ccm/U). Sizes with smaller gears for higher differential pressures are possible, p.e. 690-140-90.

Application examples for WITTE melt pumps from the EXTRU series



Seal variations for melt pumps

References melt pumps

WITTE EXTRU melt pump in square design with special flange
WITTE melt pump in round design on a mobile cart
WITTE EXTRU melt pump in round design mounted on base frame
Melt pump on mobile cart
Melt pump for ABS filament production
Melt pumps with customer-specific adapter plate
Melt pump for the production of 3D printing HDPE filament
Melt pumps for the production of polypropylene
Schmelzepumpe zur Herstellung von medizinischen Schläuchen im Extrusionsverfahren.

Melt pump for the production of medical tubing by extrusion.