Food Industry

Fields of application for WITTE gear pumps

Gear pumps for the food industry

The food industry is very dependent on the reliable functionality of all installed components. This applies particularly to pumps. Because they ensure consistently good product quality with an even transport.

WITTE pumps are always the right choice when manufacturing, for example, margarine, chewing gum or sweets. A distinct quality system allows for the complete tracking of installed components and therefore contributes to high safety. Of course, clearance certificates according to EN1935 or FDA are available for all non-metallic components that do not come in contact with the products. Similar as in the pharmaceutical sector, the very wide range of special materials ensures that the WITTE pumps can be used in many special areas.

To the pump program

Typical applications

  • Backing oils

  • Chewing gum mass

  • Vitamins

  • Ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise

High standards apply in the food industry. Gear pumps are used for transfer tasks or the build-up of pressure, especially when conveying oils, fats or aromas. Due to the design, the gear pump cannot be designed without dead space.

Nevertheless the PURO series is ideally suited for use in the food industry. All core components can be made of stainless steel or ceramic.

An essential advantage are the medium lubricated friction bearings. This means that in the case of the gear pump, the shafts are lubricated by the pumped medium so that no additional lubrication medium is required. This also means that the process cannot be contaminate.