Mini gear pumps for pumping and fine dosing of low to medium viscosity fluids

Metering pumps from 0,2 ccm/rev up to 2,95 ccm/rev.


CHEM MINI - dosing pump for the finest dosing tasks

The CHEM MINI gear pump from WITTE is perfect for the transportation and finest dosage of low to medium viscous media.

The application range reaches from classic transfer and dosing tasks in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to the transportation of monomers, oligomers and prepolymers during polymer production.

Reliable metering even in difficult applications

Through decades of construction experience and optimal material selections, this pump type is suitable for even the most difficult of tasks and maintains its reliability and dosing accuracy in vacuum and high pressure applications.

Typical areas of application for this pump type can be found in the chemicals, cosmetics and food industries as well as in petrochemicals.The CHEM MINI takes over the finest dosing tasks with the highest precision. The smallest available pump currently has a specific displacement volume of 0.2 cm3/rev. Smaller pumps are possible on request. Another highlight from this WITTE series is the availability of different materials for casings, gears and covers.

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Technical data

Stainless steel · Tantalum · Titanium · Hastelloy®
Gear Shafts
1.4112, but also every machineable ceramic and metal materials, for example, 1.4571, Ferralium®, Ferro Titanit®, Hastelloy®, etc.
Shaft seals
Magnetic coupling · stuffing box · radial shaft seal
Steam · water · heat transfer oil · electrical
Friction bearing
Carbon · NiAg (Nickel-Silver) · silicon carbide · zirconium oxide · tool steel

Operating parameters

0,5 to 1.000.000 mPas
Up to 300 °C · higher temperature on request
Suction pressure
From vacuum to max. 15 bar, magnet drive max 25 bar
Transport pressure /differential pressure
Up to max. 120 bar
Pump sizes
From 9/5.5 (0.2 cm3/rev) to 14/28 (2.95 cm3/rev)

Application examples for WITTE chemical pumps from the CHEM series

Organic and inorganic chemicals
Alcohols · Additives · Bases · Ester · Glycerin · Resins · Hardeners · Isocyanate
Vegetable oils · Butter · Margarine · Flavoring · Chocolate · Fondant · Licorice · Chewing gum mass · Vitamins · Syrup · Gelatin · etc.
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products
Amino acids · Lotion · Shampoo · Vitamins


Seal variations for mini dosing pumps