Roller bearings for gear pumps

Roller bearings

The use of roller bearings is an absolute exception for gear pumps. Nevertheless, it may be necessary to install roller bearings in the pumps instead of friction bearings. The pumped medium is often the reason for changing from friction bearings to roller bearings.


What is a roller bearing?

Roller bearings are available in various designs, for example as roller or ball bearings.

For gear pumps, we have used roller bearings in the past.

The roller bearings used are hybrid bearings consisting of different components made of different materials.

In contrast to classic roller bearings, hybrid bearings have ceramic rolling elements. They also have an inner ring. The inner ring serves as an inner boundary and cage to hold the ceramic rolling elements in position. It also serves to hold the gear shaft. The ceramic rolling elements absorb the shaft rotation. They transmit the rotational movement and thus ensure smooth operation.

What are the advantages of roller bearings?

  • Less heat input
  • Constant temperature window due to little friction
  • Very good dry running properties
  • Tear-off of the hydrodynamic lubricating film can be compensated for
  • Insensitive to low-viscosity media during flushing processes
  • Pump can be operated in a very wide range of applications
  • Increased service life

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