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Applications for gear pumps from WITTE. Products & Solutions

Gear pumps for the pharmaceutical industry

The gear pump plays a subordinate role in pharmaceutical applications. However, it holds its own when dealing with the transportation of liquids in the production of vitamins. The very wide range of special materials makes it possible to use WITTE pumps in many special areas.

Application examples:

  • Extrusion of medical tubes
  • Dosing / filling creams
  • Dosing oils
  • Transporting pastes

Best Practice:

Silicone rubber production

Gear pumps from WITTE are also preferably used in the manufacture of medical products. The focus here is on the production of the raw materials and not on the end product. Particularly in the field of medical technology, maximum precision and reliability are required in the process. Fluctuations in the quality of the product can have a negative effect on the area of application and the properties of the product. Individual components of medical products are usually manufactured from polymers pumped by WITTE pumps. Elastosil® , for example, is a silicone rubber used in the manufacture of medical respiratory bellows and respiratory masks. Silicone rubbers are very suitable for use in medicine because they are heat-resistant, flexible at low temperatures and resistant to ageing.

The field of application extends over many different areas:

  • Medical products
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Textiles
  • Articles for children and babies
  • Consumer goods

Silicone rubbers can be produced in a wide variety of consistencies. As solid or liquid rubbers or also as films.

Biopolymers: Gear pumps for the manufacture of medical devices

Biopolymers: Gear pumps for the manufacture of medical devices

Biopolymers play an important role in medical technology. Due to their excellent properties and compatibility, a variety of medical products can be manufactured from these semi-crystalline or amorphous polymers. For example, suture anchors, fracture plates or dental membranes but also stents are made from these polymers. In addition, some manufacturers also have these polymers in their portfolio as filament, which is used for 3D printing of medical parts.

WITTE provides a wide range of pumps for the production and pumping of these complex and demanding polymers. The chemical pumps for these applications are precisely matched to the process parameters and the customer's needs. In the field of medicine, absolute precision and the highest quality are required. Features that distinguish gear pumps from WITTE. Strict quality controls and a transparent exchange between manufacturer and customer are indispensable. The materials used are FDA-compliant.

Technical parameters

Pump type
CHEM 25,6-36-36
Friction bearing
NiAg (nickel-silver alloy)
Threaded shaft seal cooled

Operating parameters

1500 Pas
Flow rate
60 kg/h
70 bar
150 - 200 °C