ISO 9001 certificate

Quality is in focus for us. This is the only way our pumps can achieve the best efficiency and reliably take on their work. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 to constantly increase quality and customer satisfaction. All of our processes and our services are examined and optimized in regular audits. We subject our suppliers to regular audits and reviews to ensure on time deliveries and a consistently high product quality. In continual improvement processes, employees and partners from the company are involved to promote motivation and affiliation.


ATEX is an abbreviation and stands for "ATmosphère EXplosible". ATEX describes the European directive 2014/34/EU for the putting into circulation of explosion protected electric and mechanical devices, components and protective systems. The Maag Witte GmbH can produce gear pumps according to the currently valid ATEX directive. Together with the correspondingly certified components, ATEX-compliant pump systems can therefore be produced. Well-trained quality assurance monitors the exact compliance of the directive.

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