Extrusion pumps [EXTRU] for quick color change

Efficient. Pulsation-free. Gentle.


Melt pump for quick color change

The WITTE Quick Color Change (QCC) is perfect for master batch applications with frequently changing colors. This extrusion melt pump is equipped with two regulating screws and a separate product flange.

The regulating screws allow for a color or product change during running operation. The position of the screws influences the direction of the lubricant flow. This can either be guided back into the main flow or out of the pump through a separate product flange. This prevents contaminated material from the previous application from entering the new product flow.


  • Saving of raw material through a quick color change
  • Cleaning time is shortened when color or material is changed
  • Overall throughput of the plant is increased through shorter cleaning time
  • Also suitable for sensitive polymers, such as PC or PMMA