Pumped media - Applications for WITTE gear pumps.

We will be happy to advise you on which fluids and applications can be realised with WITTE gear pumps.

Pumped medium

The usage possibilities for our pumps are just as diverse as the number of different media. WITTE gear pumps are preferably used in the chemical industry and during the production and processing of different plastics. But the food industry also offers a wide area of usage for our pumps.

The versatility of applications contributes to us constantly developing new models and variations with which new processed and procedures are often even possible in the first place.
We can now handle a wide range of industries and pumping tasks. Individual solutions can be offered just as standard ones.
The number of conveyable media is enormous and ranges from low viscous to highly viscous media. WITTE offers the corresponding series for every class.

Discharge of pumping media

Polymer production

PET • PBT • PA •PC • PS • SAN • ABS • HIPS • PP • PE • POM

Polymer processing

PS • PET • PVC • PC • PMMA • HDPE • LDPE • LLDPE • PP • PEEK • Cellulose • Nylon 66 • Prepolymers

Chemical processing

Organic and inorganic chemicals
Alcohols · Additives · Bases · Ester · Glycerin · Resins · Hardeners · Isocyanate · Monomers · Oils · Phenols · Acids · Biodiesel · Asphalt · Bitumen · Tar · Hotmelt · Adhesives · Wax · etc.

Food processing

Vegetable oils • Butter • Margarine • Flavoring • Chocolate • Fondant • Licorice • Chewing gum mass • Vitamins • Syrup • Gelatin • Mustard • Ketchup • Sugar solutions

Pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products
Amino acids · Lotion · Shampoo · Vitamins · etc. organic and inorganic chemicals