Metering pumps [CHEM-SP]

Gear pumps for the chemical industry

Metering pumps

Metering pumps are used in different sectors. For example, in fiber production. Synthetic chemical fibers are gaining importance. They are required for many different applications such as textiles, linens, brushes, etc.

WITTE dosing pumps ensure that the polymer melt in the process is transported evenly and reliably to the corresponding locations in the process. A constant flow rate is very important to ensure consistent quality. Media with very low viscosities can be safely and precisely transported in other applications as well. High efficiency and a long life expectancy characterize this series of pumps.

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Technical data

Stainless steel · optional with coating
Gear Shafts
Stainless steel · optional with coating
Axial shaft seals
Stuffing box
Heat · transfer oil · steam · optional heating cartridge
Friction bearing (part of housing)
Stainless steel · optional with coating

Operating parameters

Up to 100.000 mPas
Up to 350°C
Suction pressure
Vacuum up to max. 80 bar
Transport pressure /differential pressure
Up to 250 bar
Pump sizes
0,16 ccm/U up to 2,4 ccm/U


Seals for metering pumps