Replacement parts

Shafts, bearings and seal parts for WITTE gear pumps and other manufacturers

Replacement parts for gear pumps

Replacement parts for WITTE pumps are made according to the highest quality standards. A comprehensive quality control of the core components such as the bearings, shafts and casings ensures the required high quality of the components. The parts are inspected for the size accuracy and compliance with tolerances using the most up to date technologies, systems and procedures. Only the parts that correspond exactly to the production tolerances are also installed or offered.


Wear & replacement parts

In addition to the comprehensive selection of wear and replacement parts for our own series, WITTE also offers replacement parts of the same quality for pumps from other manufacturers.

To ensure the demands for our replacement parts, we regularly examine all production operations that we work together with.

We deliver bearings as well as shafts and seal systems for external pumps and can convert these on request as well. The availability of replacement parts on 3 continents is guaranteed through our branches in Germany, the USA and China.

Our offer:

In addition to replacement parts, we also offer a comprehensive package of services:

  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Alteration of pumps
  • Replacement of pumps
  • On-site service

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