Customer-specific gear pumps as an OEM solution

The OEM solution

WITTE offers a special service for OEM customers: gear pumps specially designed for your requirements.
The transport task is analyzed together with the customer and an initial solution is created. A pump is designed and a prototype created dependent on the required amount. The customer tests this prototype extensively and the results are discussed together.

Should there be any requests for changes, these will be considered in the design. On request, the pumps can also be equipped with the customer’s label and can be delivered as quickly as possible through call-off contracts.

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Examples / best practice:

Foam dosing

A manufacturer of machines to create extinguishing foam requires a gear pump to dose the foaming agent. The fluid is highly corrosive and tends to crystallize. The problem is analyzed in a meeting with WITTE engineers and discussed with the customer. Only special materials for the friction bearings, gears and seals could ensure safe operation. Further process parameters were adjusted and optimized throughout the project.
A customer-specific product was designed in the end while complying with all guidelines. All technical and commercial requirements were fulfilled.

Hose extrusion

The manufacturing of plastic hoses for medical applications has the highest demands regarding the quality of all required components. This includes the melt pump. This special pump was not available on the market.
The manufacturer of the extrusion line contacted WITTE with the request to create such a pump. All customer requirements, such as easy cleaning and special materials, were included in this special pump. After an appropriate development period, WITTE was able to deliver a finished product to the OEM customer under compliance with all desired guidelines.

OEM hose test

The goal for WITTE was to develop a pump for a mobile hose test stand. The OEM customer had the following requirements: 250 bar system pressure, very robust, compact design and the lowest weight. Since WITTE already had experience with high system pressures, the customer was able to receive a pump system within the shortest development time. After an extensive test phase, which also included use in the offshore sector, small changes were included in the series production. The OEM customer now has an optimal pump system customized to their needs.

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