New chemical pump for low-viscosity media at high pressures

State-of-the-art pump technology for reliable operation even in demanding applications.


WITTE ChemCore Plus - The new chemical pump for an extended range of applications

Conventional gear pumps have a limited range of applications due to their design. There are applications that cannot be realized at all or only with considerable modifications and costs. These include the low-pulsation delivery of low-viscosity fluids against high differential pressures in a wide temperature range. Until now, this was only possible to a limited extent with gear pumps. This is because the low viscosity combined with high differential pressures harbors a major risk: Although the medium flows quickly into the friction bearing, a sufficient lubricant film is not formed there, which quickly leads to contact between the journal and the bearing. The use of special materials can compensate for this to a certain extent.

A challenge to our taste

Our goal: customized gear pumps with maximum process reliability. Creating solutions that no one else offers is what excites us and drives us. With our focus on innovation, technology and quality, we have succeeded in expanding the range of applications for gear pumps and improving the technology in key areas.



The result

Thanks to its pioneering design and precisely matched material composition, our innovative ChemCore plus pump achieves uniform pressure even at low viscosities and consistently over a wide temperature range. It is particularly suitable for applications where pulsation-free pumping of fluids of the lowest viscosity against high pressure is required.

Innovation and pioneering spirit

As one of the world's leading suppliers of gear pumps for special applications, we have not reinvented the gear pump with the development of the ChemCore Plus, but have improved it at the crucial points with our many years of know-how.

We thus offer our customers a space- and resource-saving alternative to, for example, piston diaphragm pumps, which are normally used for pumping fluids in such applications.

The optimized design

  • Seals
  • Materials
  • Spare parts

  • Seals

    The same modular system is available for the WITTE CHEMCore plus as for the classic designs. The customer can choose from a wide range of seals for exact adaptation to the process and configure them accordingly.

  • Materials

    The interplay of improved geometry, optimized tolerance chains and exatly coordinated material combinations enable the advance into areas of application that were previously reserved for other pump technologies.

  • Ersatzteile

    When creating the new design and geometries, we made sure that as many components as possible could be taken from the existing WITTE modular system. Shafts and bearings of the same size can also be used from the WITTE standwheel program. This simplifies stock-keeping and spare parts provisioning on the customer side if pumps of the same sizes and series are already available.

ChemCore Plus - Chemiepumpe für niedrigviskose bei hohen Drücken

Extended field of application

With the new design, we can significantly expand the application range of the pump.

Dark: classic pump of the CHEM series

Light: ChemCore plus series

While the classic pumps could only serve the area marked dark, we can now enter areas that were previously reserved for other pump types; shown here as a light area. It is also nice to see here that we can not only reach higher pressures, we can reach them sooner - i.e. also at lower speeds.

Technical designs

Carbon and alloy steel - Tantalum - Titanium - Hastelloy® - Ceramics
1.4112 but also all other processable ceramic and metal materials, e.g. 1.4571
Shaft seals
Single internal, single external or double mechanical seal - Stuffing box - Magnetic coupling
Steam - Water - Heat transfer oil - Electric
Friction Bearings
Carbon - NiAg (nickel-silver) - silicon carbide - zirconium oxide - tool steel - aluminum-bronze - special materials - optionally with coating

Operating parameters

1 up to 1.000 mPas
Up to 300 °C - higher temperatures on request
Delivery pressure / differential pressure
up to 100 bar(a)
Pump size
0,2-9-5,5 up to25,6-36-36