Current information about the status at WITTE


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our long-standing customer Wanhua. Wanhua has given us a generous donation. We have received a delivery of protective masks which we have passed on to our employees. Especially the employees in the goods receiving department need these masks, because despite the Corona crisis, there is a high frequency of suppliers and forwarders who bring goods or pick up products. We maintain a long-standing partnership with Wanhua and are pleased that loyalty and partnership continue to play an important role, especially in times of crisis. Even over a distance of thousands of kilometres. We have been supplying Wanhua for many years with our precision gear pumps, which are used, among other things, in the manufacture of respirators using the melt-blow process. We say THANK YOU!

Polypropylene melt pumps for the production of face masks


The demand for respiratory masks continues to rise and many companies have already converted their production to the urgently needed protective masks and materials. Masks have been in short supply for weeks and prices are rising rapidly. Depending on the type of mask, different materials are used, including polypropylene (PP). The demand for this polymer has been growing for weeks, so that the plant capacities urgently need to be increased. The fleece for the required masks is produced, for example, using the so-called melt-blow process. Among other things, melt pumps of the WITTE EXTRU-III series are used in this process to convey the PP melt from the extruder to the die-blow head. But also the production of the basic material for the nonwoven, the polypropylene, is produced in a different process step with the help of melt pumps. We are in close contact with our customers, who among other things also produce these urgently needed plastics. We have brought forward some orders with the highest urgency and changed our assembly to be able to deliver the required pumps to our customer as quickly as possible. The assembly and shipping will be completed shortly, so that 25 pumps can be put into operation by the customer at the end of the month. The pumps will be used for the production of mask intermediates and serve to increase capacity. We hope that in this way we can make a small contribution to meeting the increasing demand for masks and material.

Dear customers, suppliers and partners of Witte

the corona crisis has now affected all areas of life worldwide. Extensive countermeasures are being introduced, which will certainly soon lead to an easing of the situation.
The measures taken at Witte have already had an effect. We have been able to keep our employees healthy, maintain supply chains and meet our delivery obligations to customers.   
We will continue to follow the strict rules so that we can keep our promise to you: Witte is a reliable partner!

I wish you and your families a blessed and above all healthy Easter.


Dr. Sven Wieczorek

On-time delivery to Asia despite difficult conditions


Due to the corona crisis, Witte introduced a two-shift operation for the entire company, which has proven to be very successful to date. The distance rules, the stricter hygiene measures as well as the alternating shifts are having an effect. Sales, consulting, installation, procurement and all other processes can still be maintained. The supply chains are stable and the supply of components is still secured. In individual cases, we have to switch to alternative suppliers in order to keep delays in delivery dates to a minimum. A delivery to an Asian OEM customer is scheduled for this week. We are supplying a total of 15 EXTRU III 176-70-70 series melt pumps and are proud that, despite the restrictions, we have also completed this order on time and will be able to ship it on the agreed date. The delivery routes to Asia are stable so that the customer can expect his goods on time. In Asia and some European countries the restrictions are partly eased again. We assume that we will continue to be able to procure materials and components within Europe on time. Delivery via forwarding agents can be made on time. We thank our customers for their trust and loyalty. Please stay at home and above all stay healthy.

On-time delivery to Asia despite difficult conditions


The current situation is unchanged. We continue to work in two shifts to keep the risk of infection for employees as low as possible. In addition, we are meticulous in ensuring that the hygiene regulations of the public health department are observed. The early shift was very busy this morning. Using a 16-tonne forklift we loaded three large containers with pumps for a polymer plant in Asia. The customer ordered several pumps for the prepolymer process stage and the subsequent pressure build-up of the polymer. We are proud to have completed the order on time despite the difficult situation and the restrictions and to be able to ship it on the agreed date.


Dear Customers, Suppliers and Partner of Witte,

We are facing one of the biggest challenges in recent history. During a crises like this one thing is very important: Reliability!

At Witte we want to continue to be a reliable partner to you. We do all possible actions to reduce the risk of infection, keep the production running and be able to deliver the goods.

Keeping the supply chain running at these times is a challenge. Our specialist in purchasing and logistics do a pretty good job to reduce delays as much as possible.

I give my word: Witte will continue to be a reliable partner!

Yours faithfully

Dr. Sven Wieczorek

We are going on!


Dear customers, suppliers and partners,
In the last few days, we have received many enquiries as to whether we are open and whether the assembly of gear pumps is continuing as usual. At this point in time, we can answer these two questions with a definite yes.

However, we have of course adapted our operations and workflows to the requirements of the government and authorities and have been producing in two-shift operation for two weeks. This enables us to keep the risk of infection low and, in the event of an infection, we remain fully capable of acting with the second shift. Of course, we closely monitor the current situation and re-evaluate it every day.

The implemented measures make the usual operation more difficult for all of us. We no longer have a common lunch break, we no longer see our colleagues in person for the next few weeks due to the rotating shift, private contacts are also limited, some of our colleagues work from the home office, meetings are only held on a decentralised basis via video conferencing.

Even though we keep our distance every two metres, we have moved a little closer together. We are absolutely determined and willing to offer our customers the usual service even in these difficult times. As long as it is possible for us, we will do everything we can to remain available for our customers, to guarantee advice and to keep the delivery dates.