New testing area for gear pumps

For more than 35 years, WITTE PUMPS & TECHNOLOGY GmbH has developed gear pumps for industrial use in most different industries. The company and its employees act with a pioneering spirit, they are driven by innovation and constantly on the lookout for new solutions and designs.

The requirements for industrial machines and plants are continuously increasing. Higher resistance, longer service times, energy efficiency and digitalisation are only some of the challenges that have to be mastered in mechanical, plant and pump engineering. With a view to the future and the requirements for pumps and processes involved with it, WITTE PUMPS & TECHOLOGY GmbH has put a new test facility into operation in 2019.

The objective of this test facility installation is to realise company-internal development attempts for one thing and, on the other hand, to offer customers the possibility to carry out approvals and test runs under demanding and process-similar conditions directly on site. Equipment of the test facility has been implemented according to cutting edge, current technical standards and requirements. The experimental setup has been designed in a very flexible and variable way. Several measuring sections cover a wide range of operations for most different pump sizes.

Apart from the classical performance parameters, NPSH values of the pumps can also be determined as well as high-resolution pressure measurements be realised. In all tests, a comprehensive condition monitoring of the pumps is available. Due to the flexible design of the mechanical construction, the test facility can be easily and quickly adjusted to new challenges as well and extended to additional measuring tasks. A further advantage is derived by the possibility to operate the test bed either fully automatically or manually. Because of this, also individual trials and tasks can be easily implemented. A wide viscosity range of potential fluids rounds off the range of functions of the test section. This project has been realised with the kind support of WTSH - Business Development and Technology Transfer in Schleswig-Holstein.